The forgotten victims of Covid: Aussies tell their devastating stories of being torn apart from their loved ones by seemingly endless international border restrictionsAussies forced apart from loved ones since early 2020 due to travel restrictionsUnable to see partners and families or stranded overseas due to closed bordersMany shared their heartbreaking stories on social media platform RedditComes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison sparked outrage over recent UK visit

Australians and ex-pats have expressed their devastating heartbreak of being separated from loved ones while the nation’s borders remain closed.

Thousands have not seen their partners or families in at least 16 months or remain stranded overseas since Australia slammed shut its international borders due to the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020.

With the borders set to not reopen before 2022, dozens of frustrated Australians desperate to return home, reunite with family or unable to say their final goodbye to dying loved ones have taken to Reddit to vent their anger about the uncertain future. 

The social media platform was flooded with heartbreaking stories after one woman lamented she hadn’t seen her US-based fiancé since February 2020.

Thousands of Australians are desperate to return home and reunite with loved ones but can’t do due to international border closure. Pictured is happy reunion at New Zealand’s Wellington Airport following the opening of the Trans-Tasman travel bubble

She has had more than 60 travel exemptions rejected because the couple hadn’t lived together for 12 months previously.

The woman is unsure when she’ll be reunited with her fiance so they can get married and start the family they’ve dreamed about. 

‘I know there are others in worse situations, and actual Australians still stranded,’ she wrote.

‘I’m just venting because I’m hurting. My brother announced he and his wife are having another baby and while I’m happy for them, it should be me.

‘I’m older and running out of time to have that big family we dream of.’

The poignant post prompted other Australians to share similar stories of being stranded from.

 Pictured is a couple reunited at Sydney Airport after the Trans-Tasman travel bubble with New Zealand opened

Another woman shared how she hasn’t seen her husband since migrating to Australia shortly before the pandemic.

Her husband was due to join her a few months later but was stopped by border closures  

‘Neither of us saw it coming. We’ve been apart since Feb 2020 and I’ve been alone in this brand new country trying to figure everything out myself since, she wrote.

‘Trying to keep myself positive and not give in to depression.’

A US citizen separated from their Melbourne-based partner added: ‘We’re both just so tired of not knowing when we’ll be able to be together.’

Another Australian unable to get home to say goodbye to her dying grandfather is desperate to reunite with their father who was recently diagnosed with dementia.

‘My grandad died about two months ago and couldn’t go see him but I expected that, now my dad has been diagnosed with dementia and I don’t think we can go back until March,’ they wrote.

‘We want to move back to Australia, but it takes two years of visa processing and 10k in application fees with no guarantee of positive outcome, so that’s super hard to justify.’ 

 This photo of Scott Morrison standing outside an English pub last week sparked angry accusations of hypocrisy as Australians face yet another year of overseas travel bans

This Reddit post prompted other Australians to share their heartbreaking stories of being forced apart from loved ones

Anther ex-pat is desperate to return to home to introduce their elderly grandparents to their new great grandchild before it’s too late.

One London-based Australian slammed the hypocrisy of Scott Morrison’s recent trip to the UK, where he attended the G7 Summit, met the Queen and stopped in at a pub in Cornwall for lunch. 

I can’t tell you how f****** angry me, and all the other Aussies here, are seeing the PM just waltz in and out of the UK at his own pleasure,’ the ex-pat fumed.

‘I should not have to spend a fortune just to return to my own country.

‘I should not have to explain to people I did not come here on a holiday, and I should not be punished for wanting to live overseas for three or so years.’

Thousands have not seen their partners or families in at least 16 months or remain stranded overseas since early 2020. Pictured is a deserted Sydney International Airport

Other Reddit users separated from loved ones overseas are desperate to flee Australia.

‘I haven’t seen my love since December 2019. I’m fully vaccinated and just want to get out of Australia already,’ one wrote.

‘I’ll happily trade places with someone waiting to come back…I’m waiting to get OUT.’

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