How Covid-19 vaccinations have split Australia down the middle: Poll reveals huge divide between old and young when it comes to vaccine rollout and opening bordersYounger Australians are more inclined to want the government to open borders Survey by RedBridge found there were varying responses based on age groups Over 70s were more satisfied with the vaccine rollout when compared to the rest

The Federal Government’s way out of the coronavirus pandemic has divided Australians with young people disappointed by the slow vaccine rollout and older generations happy to keep the borders shut to the rest of the world.

A poll of 2,019 Victorians, conducted by research firm RedBridge, found that only a quarter of respondents aged between 18 and 50 were satisfied with the vaccine rollout so far.

The satisfaction levels jumped to 56 per cent in people aged over 70 years old, The Herald Sun reported. 

The same group of respondents were less inclined to welcome home residents stranded in India and the US, at 22 per cent.

Passengers greet each other with an elbow bump at the arrival halls at Sydney International Airport

But 44 per cent of the younger cohort – aged 18 to 50 – wanted the government to open the borders to those Australians. 

RedBridge director Kosmos Samaras said the survey highlighted that participants held ‘grave concerns about the economic impact of international border closures’. 

‘This should not surprise decision makers, given well over half of all Victorians have a direct family connection to someone overseas,’ he said. 

The survey also questioned Victorians on when they would be okay with the recommencement of international travel.

It found that 29 per cent believe it should happen now with no restrictions, or to countries that are not high-risk, while 31.1 per cent wish to keep Australia cut off until 80 per cent of the population is vaccinated. 

Others would be okay with overseas travel if half of the nation was vaccinated (13.4 per cent) and even more (18.4 per cent) would prefer to open up when all vulnerable people have received their jabs. 

Research firm RedBridge polled 2,019 Victorians and found only a quarter of respondents aged between 18 and 50 were satisfied with the vaccine rollout so far. Pictured: A Fire and Rescue worker receives their jab

The vaccine rollout, quarantining and the opening of international borders are likely to be high on the agenda of debate when federal parliament sits this week in the run-up to national cabinet on Friday.

Australia reached 500,000 Covid vaccinations in a week for the first time as the rollout topped 3.6 million, still shy of the four million that had been initially promised by the end of March by the Morrison government.

Still, the government continues to press the case for people to get the jab as soon as they are eligible.

Over 50s have been able to get an AstraZeneca jab over the past couple of weeks, although there are concerns some may wait until later in the year for the Pfizer vaccine when 20 million doses arrive over the fourth quarter.

Ten million Moderna doses are also due later in the year.

Staff prepare Covid vaccines at the NSW Vaccination Centre in Homebush, Sydney

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