Boston College orders students to report each other if they fail to social distance or wear face masks incorrectlyBoston College is encouraging students to report coronavirus infractionsIt can include students improperly wearing masks or not social distancing Students can face significant punishments for breaching minor rules

Boston College is encouraging fellow students to report one another should they be in breach of guidelines designed to curb coronavirus. 

The private university based in Newton, Massachusetts on the outskirts of Boston is even asking for minor breaches of the rules to be reported, such as improper mask-wearing. 

The college has designed a form in order to allow such cases to be documented and subsequently reviewed by the college.

Boston College is encouraging students to report coronavirus infractions

Students are being encouraged to report other students who are not following the rules

Normally, the form would be used for other serious violations including breaking the school’s the code of conduct such as  physical violence, hazing, drug and underage alcohol consumption, theft, gambling and other serious crimes.

But now the form allows for covid rule breakers to be documents with space left to detail any people not wearing masks properly or not respecting social distancing guidelines.  

The college’s Student Code of Conduct states that students can even be suspended or thrown out of on-campus housing if they refuse to obey.

Those already living off-campus students might also lose their opportunity to apply for any future campus housing.

The private university is located on the edge of the city of Boston

The form has a tiered system for rule breakers. Face-mask infractions are subdivided

The form even has a tiered system for rule breakers. Face-mask infractions are subdivided, for example.  

Asked person to put on a mask and refused / Offered person a disposable mask and refused / Asked that they leave to retrieve a mask and refused / Person was wearing the mask incorrectly and would not fix it (ie, over their nose) / Not adhering to social distance / Repetitively shows up without mask / Repetitively refuses to sanitize / Repetitively refuses to social distance / Group exceeds maximum capacity for space.   

Boston College is not the only higher education facility to take on a stricter stance when it comes to COVID-19 safety. 

Boston University has also implemented a similar system and even has set up a ‘hotline’ for infractions. Nearly 200 calls were received during the first month of its operation. 

But at Dartmouth College, over the border in New Hampshire, parents started a petition resulting in hundreds of signatures demanding more lax restrictions during the winter term.

Boston College head coach Jim Christian talks to his team before an NCAA college basketball game against Louisville earlier this month. Is he wearing his face mask correctly? 

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