Claudia Conway, 15, has been openly feuding with her parents on social media throughout the summer and has gained thousands of followers on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.  

The teen, who uses the handle @datjerseygirl, has gone viral for her ferocious views on Donald Trump, support for Black Lives Matter, trashing her parents’ marriage and asking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to hire her.

Last week she retweeted a post from AOC which said, ‘Team AOC is hiring!’, and responded: ‘Let me intern for you.’ 

Her TikToks have urged followers to leave one-star reviews for Trump-owned hotels, restaurants and golf courses and called for justice for black people killed by white police officers. 

In a video from April she wrote: ‘when our president for the next four years is either going to be a r@pi$t or a r@pi$t.’ 

Claudia’s outspoken beliefs first gained traction at the end of June when New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz shared several of her videos on Twitter, praising her as ‘an outspoken leftist TikToker.’ 

Not long after, her attorney father George Conway attempted to intervene, telling journalists that neither he nor his wife Kellyanne would allow them to speak to Claudia.

‘To journalists: @kellyannepolls and I do *not* consent to any communications between you and any of our minor children, including our daughter Claudia. So desist. Thank you,’ he wrote. 

Claudia tweeted back: ‘You’re just mad that I’m finally getting my voice heard. sorry your marriage failed.’

A week later the dramatic teenager posted her ‘last tweet,’ claiming that her parents were making her delete her profile. 

‘My parents are forcing me to delete social media so this is my last tweet. apparently, i don’t have a platform! it’s fake! love you all so much. keep fighting!’ Claudia wrote.

But just two weeks after her social media ban, Claudia tweeted to reassure followers she’d ‘got her phone back.’

She added: ‘probably wont have it for long though considering i’m about to revolutionize twitter brb (be right back).’  

She then posted and retweeted a flurry of anti-Trump messages, replying to one of his tweets calling him ‘racist, homophobic and tyrannical’, and labelling him a ‘golfing idiot of a president’.

She wrote: ‘let’s stop giving mr. golfer attention and his supporters ammunition. for those eligible to vote, ESPECIALLY young people, you must #SettleForBiden.’

She wrote directly to the president: ‘babe maybe you should stop calling COVID-19 ‘China Virus’ and start calling it ‘America Virus’ since it’s THRIVING in our country.

The teenager added: ‘awe so where are your ‘condolences’ for the ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND LIVES lost in YOUR country? yo i’m sorry but is this actually our president? he doesn’t even use correct english i’m crying.’ 

A few days later she posted a video on TikTok claiming that her mother had her ‘arrested for fake assault charges’ during a live stream.

Claudia said she needed a lawyer in the post which was soon deleted. 

It’s a stark contrast to some of her earlier TikTok videos which had expressed anti-Trump views while asking followers to not attack her mother and father.

‘Just please no hate to my mom or my dad, they’re both amazing people… and I love them so much,’ she said on a video earlier this year.

She has since outlined that although she and her father George, who is also an anti-Trump tweeter, happen to agree on the president this does not extend to their broader political beliefs.

She wrote yesterday: ‘As for my dad, politically, we agree on absolutely nothing. we just both happen to have common sense when it comes to our current president. stop ‘stanning’ (obsessing over) him.

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