That’s pawsome! Aussies use dogs, Monopoly boards and even a pizza box to avoid coronavirus transmission at pedestrian crossingsAustralians have been told not to touch public surfaces such as pedestrian crossing buttons amid COVID-19 People out in Newtown, in Sydney’s inner west, on Saturday were seen using their knees and elbows to crossOne woman even held her brown pug’s paw up to the button so she wouldn’t have to touch it herself  Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID


Australians have come up with some brilliant ways to avoid touching the buttons at pedestrian crossings to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

People in Newtown, in Sydney’s inner-west, were seen using their elbows, handbags and knees in order to prompt the walk signal on Saturday.

One woman even held her brown pug up to the button and used the dog’s paw to press the button.

Another ignored warnings not to touch the cross signal with their hands and pressed the button with their fingertips and knuckles. 

Others used items that were available at hand such as their phone or board game.

Some parts of the country have activated automatic crossing signals – including the Sydney Central Business District – however the inner west does not seem to have been included in this.

Pawsome: One pet owner used her beloved pooch to press the pedestrian crossing signal in Newtown on Saturday to avoid the spread of coronavirus

What a helpful pup! One woman used her pug’s paw to help her cross the road without touching the button at the crossing

Knees up: One girl, dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt, lifted her knees up in order to safely trigger the walk symbol

Cool bag! One woman used her blush-coloured handbag to press the crossing button instead of using her hands

Elbows out! One woman, dressed in a ruffled skirt and a black top, used her elbow to push the button at the pedestrian crossing

Not messing around! One man used his hooded jumper to cover his hand while he pressed the traffic light button

Coffee break! One woman, who left her home in order to get a coffee, is seen pressing the pedestrian crossing button with her elbow

Tap! One woman with pink hair and headphones in used her elbow to quickly tap the button on Saturday

A woman, dressed in blue workout tights, used her elbow after she left her home to complete her essential exercise

Kick it! One delivery driver used his foot to kick the cross walk button as his hands kept his bicycle steady

Invincible: A man holding a gin box used his fingers to press the cross walk button in Newtown on Saturday

Push the button! One woman dressed in all black workout clothes used her elbow to press the cross walk button

Game on! One Sydneysider used whatever he had on hand in order to press the pedestrian crossing button – and it included a Monopoly game

Fist bump! One man pressed his knuckle into the button so that he could cross the road on Saturday morning

Elbow tap! A pedestrian used her elbow to activate the pedestrian cross in Newtown on Saturday, in line with advice to avoid touching items in public

One woman still used her fingers and hand to press the pedestrian crossing button – despite advice to avoid touching at all costs

A man with an orange beard wearing a yellow t-shirt skimmed his hand along the button after he pushed it

The chicken wing: Elbows seemed to be a popular choice for people wanting to cross the road but attempting to avoid touching the button with their hands

One man used his finger to touch the pedestrian cross walk button despite wearing a face mask to protect from COVID-19

A tattooed man used his elbow in order to tap the traffic light button while attempting to cross the road in Newtown


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