Brielle Biermann reveals she tested positive for COVID-19 but is ‘recovering’… as she quarantines in mom Kim Zolciak’s in-home salon

Brielle Biermann has tested positive for Coronavirus. 

The 23-year-old influencer daughter of Kim Zolciak-Biermann revealed on Instagram Wednesday that she contracted COVID-19 and is currently quarantining in the salon at the family house. 

‘I’ve had Covid (still recovering but I’m doing good today!!),’ she shared as she posted some selfies and spoke to her followers on her story.  

In quarantine: Brielle Biermann, 23, tested positive for COVID-19 as she shares on Instagram that she is ‘still recovering’ as she quarantines in her family salon

She added that she opted to do her hair and makeup for the first time in a long time on account of her feeling better but also had Zoom meetings all day. 

Speaking to the camera she said, ‘I’ve been beyond bored for real, so if anybody has any suggestions on what to watch on Hulu or Netflix please let me know, because I’m running out of things to do.’

She continued, ‘Shoutout to Kroy who has been delivering me my necessities at the stairs. He’s been bringing me all my clothes and food.’

The in-home salon is a full wing attached to the house that is equipped with a bathroom, couch and television.  

Feeling better: The influencer daughter of the former Real Housewife of Atlanta said that she opted to do her hair and makeup because she was feeling better

Bored in the house: Brielle asked her followers for television recommendations as she said she was ‘beyond bored’

Salon living: She shared that she was still doing work on Zoom and was quarantining upstairs as mom Kim and her husband Kroy would bring her necessities and leave them at the stairs 

Brielle said, ‘I’m gonna test again today and see how I’m doing cuz I think I’ve had it for almost two weeks now.’

Mom Kim reposted the video of her saying she thought she had been fighting the virus for two weeks and said: ‘Lies!!!!!,’ while adding that her daughter very much ‘still has it.’

Kim added: ‘With Brielle having COVID, that’s had me very stressed too,’ as she talked about enjoying a much needed glass of wine while trying to care for her daughter at a distance. 

Stress reliever: Kim said that she was ‘very stressed’ about Brielle’s COVID-19 diagnosis as she alluded to drinking the stress away with some wine

For the soul: She shared that she was trying to battle the virus the old fashioned way with some homemade chicken soup 

Brielle posted a photo of some homemade chicken noodle soup made by the family’s chef Tracey Bloom as she tried to battle the virus the old fashioned way. 

She also said that Kim had made her milk and cookies and had brought her their dog for some cuddly reinforcement.  

Though Brielle did not share where she thinks she may have contracted it, she seemed to be doing wardrobe fittings for work on January 3, and had spent time in Miami. 

Social media silence: The active poster had not posted to Instagram since January 3 where she was doing fittings before she revealed Wednesday that she had contracted COVID-19; pictured January 3

Taking a break from social media posts since then, many wondered why the active poster had gone silent all of a sudden, before she revealed her diagnosis.  

Additionally she has been in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the past few months, though the family traveled from their home in Atlanta via RV for their hit show Don’t Be Tardy on Bravo.   

With cases on the rise throughout the country despite the vaccine’s roll out, it seems that the virus has no signs of slowing down. 

Family support: Brielle thanked her mom and adopted father Kroy Biermann for taking good care of her at a distance as she quarantines; pictured September 13

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