Ravers smash coronavirus lockdown rules to hold illegal all-day secret party in East London forest after spreading the word on social mediaPeople were pictured gathered at a mystery woodland location on Saturday Organisers let attendees know where to turn up 48 hours in advance of party Comes after police broke up a rave in a warehouse in South Wales yesterday On Friday at least 200 people attended a forest party in Merseyside Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Ravers have smashed coronavirus lockdown rules to hold an illegal all-day secret party in East London.

The party-goers gathered to host an event in a forest on Saturday after spreading the word on social media. 

It was held at a mystery woodland location after informing attendees 48 hours ahead of the gathering. 

People are pictured gathered in a wooded area in East London on Saturday despite the coronavirus rules 

Footage taken at the scene shows a DJ set up and flashing lights in the wooded area. 

It comes after hundreds of carefree people participated in an illegal rave on the outskirts of Liverpool.

Lockdown defiers surged to a woodland area in Kirby, Merseyside, on Friday night, where they danced the night away.

At least 200 people are understood to have attended the event, and partied through to sunrise on Saturday morning.

This flyer circulated on social media ahead of the event 

Footage appearing to have been taken during the event shows a large group of young people partying in woodland to dance music.

Video and images showed people travelling to and from the event, as the word quickly started to spread around online.

The masses gathered despite the government urging people to continue following social distancing rules, as the lockdown period begins to ease a little.

The most recent scientific estimates have suggested the R-rate is above the danger level of one in the North West at present.

Yesterday a rave was broken up by police at an industrial estate and 40 people were sent home.

Officers were called to the unit in the early hours of the morning to find the DJ set in full swing.

The party at Wentloog Buildings in Rumney, Cardiff was brought to a halt – and the building owner was fined for breaking lockdown regulations.

South Wales Police confirmed that they were called to the ‘commercial premises’ on Sunday.

Lockdown laws in Wales still state that only people from two separate households are allowed to meet up outside.

This video was posted from the event, promising another will be held soon after Saturday’s rave in East London 

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